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Last News:
05/05/2011: White Cloud and Light Cloud for Dark Cloud's game releasedd
19/01/2011: Birth By Sleep JP/US/EU/FM BBSX.DAT decryptor released
05/01/2011: Birth By Sleep Tools released
31/10/2010: MegaED X released
29/09/2010: Now I've a blog. Stay tuned here :)
25/09/2010: Sonic 3K Save Editor 0.6 and SaveGame lib
22/01/2010: Released Megaman X Editor 0.7.1 Beta
10/01/2010: Released the first version of Kjata Engine
20/10/2009: Added FastBMP Lib [C#]
12/05/2009: WLM2009 Little Patcher 0.4
02/05/2009: smallHex Beta r22
01/05/2009: Nuovo aggiornamento delle librerie DWTools (0.2.2)
04/04/2009: Remake dello smallHex: ora diventa OpenSource! smallHex